Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
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One of the things that makes my sculptures unique is that all the color is natural, brought out with heat and the use of different metals (steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass). This means that the color will never change or dull.  Most of the metal used is recycled from salvage yards and business scrap piles.  The only paint used is a clear enamel to seal the metal and protect it from scratching and rust.  Another feature that sets my work apart from others is that it is three-dimensional, giving it a lot of depth.  I pay attention to detail (knotholes in trees, fallen logs, rocks, live and dead trees, different types of bushes, and all sorts of animals).

Each sculpture is an original, drawn and cut out by hand.  Customers can design their own sculptures or give me an idea or picture, and I can sketch a design for them.  Customers choose what colors they want to match their décor.
About the Artist
My name is Cody Steffler and I am 27 years old.  I started working on sculptures when I was 10 years old.  I worked with my dad, who did metal sculptures for 30 years.  When I was 16, my dad was diagnosed with leukemia, so I helped him complete custom orders. Our style is similar, but not the same.  My father passed away nearly two years later. I completed all of the custom orders he had, and then just kept on sculpting.

I currently reside in Lava Hot Springs, ID.  We sold our gallery here a few years ago. I now do custom work and have sculptures in various galleries in Idaho, Jackson Hole, WY, Santa Fe, NM, and West Yellowstone, MT.  I’m an avid outdoorsman and my sculptures reflect that, most having to do with mountains, lakes, rivers and wildlife.
I do indoor pieces as well as outdoor sculptures.  I have done fountains, indoor and outdoor.  I do furniture:  coffee tables, sofa tables, bar stools, fireplace screens.  I have done weathervanes, stair railing, and plant hangers.  I can do personalized signs for businesses and homes.

Contact me to discuss how I can bring your vision to life.